About the Grant

The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers grant funding to low-income communities to prepare comprehensive, community-driven plans to revitalize distressed housing and transform neighborhoods. The Sanford Housing Authority, with the City of Sanford as co-applicant, was recently awarded a $500,000 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant to support a 24-month planning process in the Goldsboro neighborhood. Additional funding and planning support is being provided by the City and the Sanford Housing Authority.

What Will We Do with the Grant Funding?


Create a plan to redevelop the five vacant SHA sites in the neighborhood including William Clark Court, Castle Brewer Court, Lake Monroe Terrace, Cowan Moughton Terrace, and Edward Higgins Terrace. In addition, identify programs to assist with improving other housing in the neighborhood.


Identify strategies, partners and programs to improve educational outcomes for youth and support other positive outcomes in health and employment for both the former SHA public housing residents and residents from the surrounding Goldsboro neighborhood.


Identify priority projects and leverage public/private investment to improve amenities, public safety, services, and commercial activity in the Goldsboro neighborhood. The CNI planning process will build off recent initiatives including the Sanford Sunrail station, the Amtrak Auto Train, the 17-92 CRA, and improvements along Historic Goldsboro Boulevard

Please click on the links below to view documents pertaining to the Choice Neighborhood Initiative Grant for the Goldsboro neighborhood in Sanford, Florida.

~ The Goldsboro community is a proud recipient of a 2016 Choice Neighborhoods Grant from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development ~